We started playing again at the concert.

We couldn't hold a concert in Japan too for a while because of the COVID-19.
But we started playing again at the concert. On June 26th we played again at the concert in Osaka. I say "Thank you!" for all listeners.

In this concert we played 18th Century French music. J.M.Hotteterre, F.Couperin, M.Corrette, J.B.de Boismortier and J.Ph.Rameau.
1 Sonata - Ventilation - 1 Suite - Ventilation - 1 Sonata - Ventilation ...
We need such a way.

I think that so far we have not think about infection in concert. But we must think it.
How is the air in the concert space? Is it dirty? Dirty air should not. The air in the concert space should be kept clean. I think that way.

My next concert, September 26th 2020, Harpsichord Solo. I play many 17 Century Italian music. Please listen to my concert!