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 This web site is written by Harpsichordist, Seiko NAKATA.
 (since 2000 Aug.).
 I want to introduce the harpsichord and the music of
 this instrument. Please Enjoy!
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Message from Seiko

update: 13 August 2018posted by Seiko Nakata


seiko2012recital In Japan, very very hot...
In July, we did a concert in Tokyo and Kobe. We play François Couperin's music. I say THANK YOU for all listener.
In September, I play with Oboe player in Kobe. Please come on our concert !
More information, please see Concert schedule page. Please, come on our concert !
from Seiko Nakata.

詳細はConcert Scheduleのページをご覧ください。
中田 聖子[13.August 2018]

Facebookページが出来ました! オフィシャル・サイトと共に宜しくお願い致します。
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update: 13 August 2018...Concert Information and ON AIR Information...


seiko2012recital ・2018. 9/8 (土) 15:00と18:30 Barocco Impression Plus! Vol.4「作曲家たちの筆録」in ラ・フルート・アンシャンテ サロン (神戸・六甲アイランド)
・2018. 11/20 (火) 14:00 ベガホール チェンバロ コンサート「ローマへの音旅」in 宝塚ベガホール

・8. September 2018 3:00pm and 6:30 in La Flute Enchantee Salon (Kobe, Japan)
        ・20. November 2018 2:00pm in Vega Hall (Takarazuka, Japan)
 and more...