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Seiko Nakata is Harpsichord solist and Basso Continuo's player.

She was born 18th May 1978 in Nara, Japan.

She began playing the piano in childhood. She was a child who love music. Japanese Koto had in her house, she was like that sound.
When teen's old, she began to play the electoric guiter and bass. Then, she wanted to knowledge about the music, And She has interest in the Early Music, Baroque and Renaissance Music.

She graduated from Soai University, Piano performance subject of study, and she studied the Composition, Harpsichord and General Bass playing and performance, Musicology about early music. In addition, she was studying in The Fryderic Chopin University of Music.
And she learned Harpsichord playing and General Bass Playing from Naoki Kitaya, Robert Kohnen and some musicians.

Since 2001, she has given many concert as Harpsichordist.
Since 2003, she has given the harpsichord solo concert every year in Japan.
In solo concert, She played such a program ; J.S.Bach's "6 Partiten" (all in one night concert), J.S.Bach's "French Suite" (all in one night concert), J.S.Bach's "Goldberg Variationen" and his some pieces (all in one night concert) and many music of 17th Century.
Her performances in all solo concerts have received such preferred evaluations in Newspapers and magazines of music "Ongaku no tomo". "It is a stable and high finesse. " "Her playing have a sense of movement."
2012, she play in solo concert, Toshodaiji Temple, Nara (This temple is the heritage of the world.), and she introduced the German harpsichord music of 17th Century.

She has been active in playing with a lot of musician as General Bass Player.

2005-06, she was lecturer of harpsichord in ELIZABETH University of Music, Hiroshima, Japan.
She is member of The Musicological Society of Japan, Japan Harpsichord Society and Associazione Musica Antica Italiana in Giappone (AMAIG).

CD "Le Temple de l'amour"

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