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Today, I received a Question from my student.

"How long is a key on your Harpsichord ? "

mmm... mesured it. So, on my harpsichord, it is 156mm for 7key. 7key is a octave.
It's numerically in 18C French Harpsichord. My harpsichord is Taskin model. This is 18C French Style. faithfully !!

It is very interesting, the question from students :) Because I can't think it.

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For a long time, I can't write weblog. But I decide ! I try to build my website in English, again !
So, first, I build my weblog.
At the same time, I am building my website. Please wait for a few days :)

My website's Japanese ver. is here !

Seiko Nakata, Harpsichordist from Japan.

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