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I made an appearance on the radio FM OSAKA's program "KURA KORE". In this program, Classic Music are introduced.
On AIR on 22th January 2012, I talked about harpsichord and music for this instrument. And my harpsichord and virginal playing sounds were listened on the radio. My voice and my harpsichord playing sounds were broadcast by radio.

Only my harpsichord playing sounds was broadcast by radio in former times. But it was the first that I went to the radio studio.
The day before, I thank those things... "Will I be talking fluently ?" "Some times, I say incorrectly on a talking. But radio is a public electric wave. So I must say correctly. "
My heart beats very fast.

But those apprehensions were needless. DJ "Yossan", Mr. Yoshikawa, amused me since our meeting. So I enjoyed talking for this radio-program.
And I feel his professional ability ! Because I could talk naturally by his ability.

I enjoyed it !

I say "Thank you" for all listener, FM OSAKA's staff, DJ "Yossan" Mr.Yoshikawa , DJ Kaneyan.

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Information! Radio, ON AIR!

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In Japan, Radio ON AIR! 2012/01/22(Sun)25:15-16:15 (1/23(Mon)01:15-02:15)

Please, Listen it ! You can listen my voice and my harpsichord's sounds and my Flemish Virginal's sound. Enjoy it !
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