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Trick or Treat !

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In Japan, this month, we can see the big pumpkins at town.
This photo is the decoration for Halloween at town too.
I like to see the decoration :D
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Foto's : 26th Sept.

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26th September 2010, I gave the concert. In the concert, I played the Flemish Virginal "Museler".
These photo were taken on the rehearsal.

Program were
J.S.Bach's Praeludium und Fuga, BWV846 and Fuga BWV1000
H.Purcell's Suite Z.666 and Round 0
W.Byrd's Callino Casturame, Galliard and Fantasia
Anonymous' Barafostus' Dream and Green Sleeves
G.Farnaby's The old Spagnoletta
P.Philips' Amarilli di Julio Romano and Chi fara fede al Cielo di Allessandro Striggio
G.Frescobaldi's Toccata Prima (1637) and Baletto Terzo
M.Rossi's Toccata Sesta
B.Pasuqini Bergamasca
J.P.Sweelinck's Toccata [Aeolian mode], Allemand Gratie [More Palatino] and Paduana Lachrimae

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What's new?

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I must have more best for building the this web site.
It needs many time for completing.

When you give a comment for me in this weblog, you must do "sign in".
The way are useing Open ID, Yahoo account, mixi account etc...
And if you have Facebook account, you can use it and sign in :D

Today, one of my work was it.

By the way...

In December, I'll give a concert in Osaka.
Program are J.P.Sweelinck and J.S.Bach's works.

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