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from Memory of Germany

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We give a concert "from Memory of Germany" !

July 20th 2013, start on 5:30pm

Place : Itami Aiphonic Hall (Itami city, Hyogo, Japan) [Access Map]

Price are Reservation Ticket 3,000 yen, Day Ticket 3,500 yen
Player are Tomoko Kawachi (Baroque Violin), Ayumi Nakanishi (Viola da Gamba), Seiko Nakata (Harpsichord)

J.S.Bach : Sonata for Violin and General Bass, G-dur, BWV1021
J.S.Bach : Chromatic Fantasy and Fuga, d-moll, BWV.903
G.P.Telemann : Fantasy for Violin solo
D.Buxtehude : Trio Sonata op.1-6 d-moll. BuxWV.257

Info: Klavi E-mail

Sorry, I missed to write about Day of concert. Not September. This concert was July 20. So I gave the concert.

I'll write a report about this concert ! wait for a little !

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Hello! I must write the same sentence of the last post again... I was not able to write in my weblog for a long time.

Today's post is a concert information.

4th November, We give a concert by Recorder and Harpsichord in Osaka, Japan. We play the music of Francesco Mria Veracini.
Please, come to our concert !

Koike Kohei, Recorder Recital "Flauto diritto 2012"
Francesco Maria Veracini's Music

4th November 2012, start on 3:00pm

at Anrieu Recordert Gallery "TAKEYAMA Hall" [Osaka, Japan]
(3-8-12, Anryu, Suminoe-ku, Osaka, Japan)
Access Map (JP), Google Map

Price : Day Ticket 3,500 yen, Resercation Ticket 3,000 yen

Performer are Koike Kohei [Recorder] and Seiko Nakata [Harosichord]

Program : Francesco Maria Veracini's "Sonata for Recorder and General Bass (1716)" No.1 in F-Major, No.3 in D-minor, No.4 in B-flat-Major, No.9 in G-minor, No.10 in D-minor and "Sonata in A-minor (Brussel's manuscript)"


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Information! Radio, ON AIR!

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In Japan, Radio ON AIR! 2012/01/22(Sun)25:15-16:15 (1/23(Mon)01:15-02:15)

Please, Listen it ! You can listen my voice and my harpsichord's sounds and my Flemish Virginal's sound. Enjoy it !
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