The Diary and Information by Seiko NAKATA, Harpsichordist.

Thank you!

Today is 27th December [JST]. 4 days after, the year will be 2011.
Passing the time is very fast... I say it every year ^_^;

By the way, 18th December, I gave the concert. Many listener come there. Thank you!

Usually, we take a photo at a rehearsal. But I didn't take it in this concert.
So a staff recorded on video by iPhone in this concert. This photo is a part of an image from it.
I'll upload the video soon.

In this concert, I played those music
; J.P.Sweelinck's
 "Toccata, Aeolian mode SwWV297", 
"Almand Gratie [More Palatino] SwWV318", 
"Paduana Lachrimae SwWV328", 
"Fantasia Chromatica, Dorian mode SwWV258" 
"Praeludium und Fuge, C-dur BWV870", 
"Toccata, e-moll BWV914", 
"Toccata, G-dur BWV916", 
"Chromatische Fantasie und Guge, d-moll BWV903"
and "Capriccio, B-dur BWV992".

This is the concert's leaflet.
Designed by me.

Well, in Osaka, Japan, we have a snowfall, today.
In Osaka, snow is rare.
The end of the year will be very cold.

We wish you all the best for 2011 !!

With Love.


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